We supply to more than 100 OEM brands

15 years of experience

Over 100 brands currently rely on us to provide OEM servicesFor luggage sets, laptop bags and backpacks, as well as various soft polyester, nylon, and leather bags. We’ve been manufacturing for OEM’s in the US and Europe since 1997. Just tell us your size, style, material and accessory specifications, and we will take care of everything else.

A wide range to chose from

Our full range includes daypacks, hiking backpacks, laptop backpacks, computer case, computer luggage, children’s bags and promotional bags. We have a 50-member creative team developing new models every quarter. And, having recently expanded our export markets to include Australia, South Africa and South America. We have the know-how to customize products for your market.

Find out more about using our OEM services. Contact us today and we will send you a reply within 24 hours.

The Capacity to support your volume needs

We have 20 production lines (among which 16 production lines are for bkpks, 4 production lines are for trolley cases and luggages). There are 28-35 workers per production line + some workers are responsible for cutting / preparing materials / packing / reviting ect. So totally there are 1000 workers.

Our bkpks capacity per month is:

1) 100,000pcs complicate computer bkpks;

2) Or equal around 200,000pcs simple bkpks as per your standard styles.

3) Our trolley cases production capacity is: 30,000pcs computer trolley cases and luggages per month.